Ongoing Concerns

GFSG is constantly active in regard of drainage issues. A busy week has just been experienced with a water mains burst on Selby Road causing considerable flooding in Beck Bottoms and into the back gardens of properties on Highfield Drive, [GFSG followed up a concern that the road surface was extremely lumpy and was assured that this would be dealt with shortly], a persistent odour around a bakery, [YW attended and jetted the offending drain] immediately followed by a burst foul sewer on Ninelands Lane. GFSG was pro-active in encouraging YW to respond as quickly as possible.

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GFSG is pleased to announce that a 40yr flooding problem with an old sump to the rear of three properties on White Rose Avenue has been resolved due to the persistence of the residents and GFSG assisted by LCC Flood Risk Management. The razing of the buildings on the Miami site led to the discovery of the missing surface water outfall drain which was jetted and we are now assured is in working order. We await a significant rainfall event to test whether the sump is now indeed operating as intended.

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Glebelands Finished


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More Flood Defence Works in Garforth

Flood Defence works at Glebelands on Ninelands Lane began on September 19th. This is all down to the support of Leeds City Council Flood Risk Management Department applying for funding, planning, applying for approval and appointing the contractors.

Pipework is being installed along and around the often waterlogged bottom side and corner of the field and a brick wall is being constructed to give added protection to Ninelands Primary School which has been flooded countless time in the past, particularly the Superintendant’s house. The surface water will then be taken off site through the main drains that drop from the bottom corner of the playing fields towards the bridge at Charlie Sweep’s Corner and then along the Linesway eventually joining/following the course of the Lin Dyke.

The work is scheduled to take about 8 weeks but should not be any detriment to the sports pitches.




Gallons of water had to be pumped away after a very wet night before work could continue





The protective new wall takes shape

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New Flood Store

GFSG is pleased to announce the arrival of a very compact, brand new, 8×8 container to replace the previous one which had become dangerous. The funding for this was granted by Leeds Community Foundation and the container was supplied by a Leeds company, Ace Container Services, based at Stourton, a company which gave us extremely good service by very pleasant personnel. A company GFSG would strongly recommend.


Arriving on the truck


Swinging into position



In situ during a downpour but just as photo being taken, the sun came out at a difficult angle

The Flood Store contains flood sacks, spades, poles and flood signs. It can be accessed by a key kept in the code box on the front of the container, the code for which is held by all Flood Wardens. Entry must be supervised by a Flood Warden.

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Beck Clearance

A grant from the Leeds Community Fund enabled GFSG to engage the services of The River Stewardship Company to clear out the part of the Lin Dyke that flows through the medical surgery grounds on Main Street. 20160910_094549-1          20160910_094351-1

These two photos show the state of the beck before the clearance. Silt had built up and was supporting vegetation. There was a mat of weed down a considerable stretch of the beck and the width of the flow was reduced to less than 6 inches at one point.

Over two days two employees of the RSC and volunteers from GFSG did a terrific job of restoring the flow, cutting back encroaching vegetation and removing silt, Leeds City Council providing a skip to remove the refuse. More work is required, possibly involving a volunteer team from the Environment Agency. Currently no date has been decided for this.

The photos below show the beck during and after the work along with the tired and grubby but happy bunch which carried out the initial clearance.

20160930_133217.jpg          20160930_133138

20161001_170651          20161001_121800.jpg#


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Water Course Management

A regular eye is kept on the state of our main water course, especially where it daylights and can be seen and inspected. Mike Tonks recently assisted the River Stewardship Company with further work done at the beck where it crosses the Old George Roundabout to reduce aggressive growth, particularly of Himalayan Balsam. We had done a major clearance there, again with River Stewardship, earlier in the year as well as further downstream. Occasional weed clearances had been done to the northern branch of the beck which flows through the Doctors’ surgery on Main Street but the warmer weather has led to massive growth and a further major effort is required. Funds have been applied for an granted and a date will be arranged with the RSC.

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