General Flooding Advice

General Flooding Advice:


The first and main advice is to keep yourself and your family safe.

Do NOT try to lift manhole covers, in fact stay well away from them, they may blow with some force.

Do NOT try to get into, or unblock, swollen water courses. Flood water can build up very quickly, is very powerful and can sweep you off your feet.

During widespread, heavy rain your Local Council and Emergency Services could be greatly stretched and may be unable to attend immediately. Contact your local Flood Support Group. For Garforth and Swillington the numbers are:

Bernard Simpson(Chair) 01132866709

Jacqueline Simpson (Secretary) 01132866709/ 07940485982

Mike Tonks (Treasurer) 01132865419/07842313966

   Please try to take photos of the flooding, both in the house and outside, as this is evidence that can be used to try to remedy the situation in the future.

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If you think the flooding will reach a dangerous depth around and in the house, and you have a safe exit route, get yourself and your family out and move to a higher location as soon as you can.

If you do not have a safe exit grab whatever IMPORTANT personal items that  you can, especially life saving medication       Medications             and mobile phone,   cell-phone-clip-art_413911

and get everyone upstairs, keeping in regular touch with the emergency services. If you have no upstairs or an immoveable invalid make sure that the emergency services know this.

IF you have time get as many of your possessions out of reach of flooding as you reasonably and safely can, paying most attention to vital documents and irreplaceable mementoes such as birth/marriage certificates and photos, passports and driving licences, receipts, bills and guarantees, house purchase paperwork, bank cards, cheque books, computers, laptops & hard drives etc. that contain your livelihood and important life details.

Always keep your mobile phone and any necessary medication in safe and easily accessible reach.

For possible future events make sure all of the above are permanently kept as much out of danger as is possible, in waterproof storage and/or containers that can be easily moved at short notice.

Always remember, though, that nothing is as important as the personal safety of you and your human family. Animals, whilst precious and much loved, are not worth dying for!