Flooding Reports

The heavy thunderstorm in the early hours of July 4th 2015 resulted in some flooding in the Lidgett Lane/Lowther Road areas along with Kingsway and Conisborough Lane. So far as is known there was no damage and only one garage has water ingress.

Following the extensive flooding, in August 2014, which hit areas of Garforth from Kingsway in West Garforth to Ludlow Avenue in East Garforth including Queensway, Lowther Road, Rydal Avenue, Grange Avenue, Lidgett Lane, Beechgrove Terrace, Strawberry Avenue, Main Street, Barleyhill Road, Summerhill, Barleyhill Crescent, Ninelands Lane, Fairburn Drive and Elder Garth, properties that suffered are still coming to light. A great deal of damage was sustained by some properties which will cost hundreds of thousands of pounds in total to repair and several families are still being housed out of their properties, in some cases still waiting for them to dry out. This is a situation that LCC, YW and GFSG are working together to try to resolve.

Selby Road (A63) between Lidgett Lane and the Old George Roundabout, was closed for several days during the first week of December 2013 due to a burst water main. This had also happened the previous year when it flooded the roundabout. Traffic disruption was quite considerable as re-routing could take people into areas where there was flooding due to the results of extreme weather conditions. It was suggested that if the closure could have been advertised on the A1M, traffic would have been better routed into Leeds along the A64.

1. Following the rapid melting of several snowfalls in January 2013 there were additional worries at the Pearsons’ on Swillington Lane as the ditch on Verity’s field, which had flooded Oakdene in June 2012, was extremely full again. A meeting was held at the site on Wed. 13th Feb, in yet another snowstorm, with Mr Verity, Lee & Joanne Pearson, Councillor Mark Dobson, Ian Hope from Drainage (LCC) and the GFSG treasurer, Jacqueline Simpson, to see if any agreement could be reached as to the best and most affordable course of action to be undertaken to improve the situation. Mr Verity thinks that part of the problem is that the land may have sunk over the years due to the history of extensive mining and that this could be compromising the ‘fall’ of pipework thus leading to backing up of surface water during heavy precipitation. Ian Hope is to further investigate existing pipework and re-model some of the possibilities suggested. Councillor Dobson is to see whether there is any available funding to cover minor alterations to the current drainage and Mr Verity is to consider clearing out the offending ditch, possibly widening it with a bund to the house side and maybe digging out a storage pond in another field of his across the road. Mention was made of upgrading the ditch into a swale as this would then be part of a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) with a higher possibility for funding opportunities.

2. There have also been  problems this January for certain properties on Wakefield Road as water from the fields opposite caused almost kneedeep flooding in the gardens of three houses and at least one had deep water under the house which tripped off the electrics necessitating a drying out period of almost 8 hours before power could be restored. LCC Drainage have visited the site and assessed the situation which is now under consideration for the best course of action.

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