About Us

Garforth Flood Support Group is a vibrant group of residents who have either suffered from the effects of flooding or are concerned about such a possibility affecting them. The Group came into being after the severe flooding which affected Garforth and many other areas of the country in June 2007. After working with Leeds City Council and the Environment Agency to install property level protection in properties that had flooded internally in 2007, the Group has moved on towards collaborating with LCC in applying for funding to improve drainage and reroute watercourses that were contributing towards the problem.

In the interests of monitoring newbuild and the effects that ever increasing areas of hard standing will have on flooding, the group keeps a keen eye on planning applications and either objects or offers appropriate adjustments. To date we can boast one successful planning application rejection and one rerouting of surface water drainage away from the Garforth catchment area, not to mention being a constant thorn in the side of a building company whose practices, or lack of them, were causing considerable distress and disruption to nearby residents.

The Group was able to offer moral support and advice to properties that flooded in 2014 and welcomes the interest that new members have shown.