Garforth Flood Support Group(GFSG) exists to support and help people living in Garforth and Swillington, near Leeds in West Yorkshire, who have flooded, are flooding or see themselves at risk of flooding. The website also offers general information for anyone anywhere in danger of flooding apart from useful links to the appropriate Local Authority or Utility Company.

Garforth is not at risk from coastal or river flooding but from surface water flooding, something that could affect almost everyone. An additional problem is generated by multiple layers of clay which prevent rainwater from draining away as quickly as it normally might.

There is a network of field drains that eventually flow together to form the Lin Dike which becomes a little river on its 7 mile journey to the River Aire. This Dike is often a dry ditch near to its various sources but during heavy and prolonged rain it can resemble a raging torrent. Most of it is culverted in Garforth to accommodate development, some of the culvert being Victorian, which, while built to last, has to be kept an eye on now as tree roots, utility pipework and extensions have grown or been built into it. The Lin Dike is enmained by the Environment Agency which means they have a duty of care towards it.

GFSG aims to raise awareness of the dangers of flooding in such an area and to instruct people how to act in the event of heavy rainfall and possible flooding. Everyone needs to know how to treat their drainage pipes sensibly and not overload or block them by disposing unnecessary and harmful products into the system.

GFSG has an ongoing programme of events in the hopes of funding supportive works and flood resilience projects. The Group aims to work towards persuading appropriate bodies to set up a viable and affordable insurance scheme which can ensure that everyone, wherever they live, can have peace of mind that they will be adequately covered should they have the misfortune to flood.

10/01/14 GFSG’s statement in response to recent Parliamentary announcements

GFSG News item for Website Jan 2014